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Majestic Morocco

For Americans, Morocco is the perfect holiday destination, a
unique and tolerant place where East meets West. A land of colorful spices, picturesque kasbahs, braying camels, desert palms, and friendly people, it teems with diversity on all levels: from classical Roman ruins to Alpine-style villages, cinnamon-colored Sahara sands to sun-blessed Mediterranean  beaches,  or   crowded  souks  in   medieval   towns   to  sophisticated boutiques in upscale cities.

Capturing Morocco’s magic, American novelist Edith Wharton described it as a “land of mists and mysteries;...trailing silver veils through which domes and minarets, mighty towers and ramparts of flushed stone, hot palm groves and Atlas snows, peer and disappear at the will of the Atlantic cloud-drifts.”

Morocco is also a shopper’s paradise, specializing in the finest quality handmade arts and crafts, whether you are browsing for leather, jewelry, furniture and inlaid wood, carpets, cloth, or ceramics. Handmade Berber items are also especially desirable.

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